Sometimes what you "don't do" is just as important as what you "do".

At D. P. Assistance, Inc,

  • We don't charge huge prices just because our competitors do.
  • We don't have huge over-head costs like a fancy office, a huge advertising budget, or a huge staff.
  • We don't assume that you know exactly what you want - instead we give you suggestions and work with you throughout the entire design process.
  • We don't load our web sites with so many crazy new "features" that most likely won't work for all your visitors.

What We "DO"

At D. P. Assistance, Inc., we provide quality web site design (both standard and e-commerce) and secure, stable web site hosting. We are proud of the fact that we will work with customers of all sizes including those with little knowledge of the Internet. Our philosophy is simple. You are our customers and we work for you. Our goal is to design a web site that will benefit your business and customers while meeting your budget requirements.  Whether you know exactly what you want or need our help in designing your web site, we will work with you throughout the design process to provide you with a web site to meet your needs.

Before we begin:

We often wonder how advertising companies can call you up on the phone and quote you a price on a web site even though they don't know what you want.  Because we are a small company and can focus on each of our clients, we can take the time to .learn about you and the needs of your business.  You are not a 'commission' to us, but rather a partner in making your business a success.

Free Price Quote:

One of the most critical stages in the web design process is determining exactly what you need and want (even if you're not exactly sure what that is just yet). We will show you examples of the sites we have already done, invite you to look at other similar sites on the internet and then work with you to design a general layout of your site.  During this time we will answer all your questions, offer you suggestions, and then finally give you an estimate on the cost of the project.

We will explain the costs to register your internet site, the yearly price for hosting your site (having your site on the internet), the price for designing your new site, as well as any scheduled changes you wish to make during the year. We also explain anticipated costs for the future. One thing we always point out is that the majority of initial design cost for your web site is not reoccurring (unless you want to re-design the entire site). If you want to keep your web site the same, year after year, all you do is pay the yearly hosting fee, the registration of your web site name (and possibly a maintenance fee).

Designing the Web Site:

Remember, this is YOUR web site. We want to make sure YOU are happy with our work. (There aren't many people that would go to a car dealer and buy a car that the salesperson likes best - chances are that if you did, you're going to wind up with a car you can't afford.) Instead, we ask for your feedback, comments, questions, and ideas. Please remember that every web site is unique and the Internet is always changing. If you see something you would like to add to you web site - even in the middle of the design process - we will try our best to accommodate you and keep you within the original budget. We also point out the advantages (and disadvantages) to adding some things to your web site.

Our goal is to design a web site that fits your personality, that is easy to navigate and viewable by the majority of the people who will be visiting your web site. We take the time to test our web sites with the most popular Internet browsers like Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, and AOL. We don't expect all of your customers to have the latest and greatest versions of these products nor do we expect them to have all the "extra programs" like Flash, Shockwave, Streaming Audio and so on. Sure, they may look great on a few computers but our goal is for your site to look great for everybody. Simplicity is also very highly recommended. Our goal is to make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. There's nothing worse than a frustrated potential customer.  

After Your Web Site Has Been Created:

We will continue working for you throughout the year. If you (or we) find an error that we have made while designing your site, we will fix it for free and typically within 24 hours. We also provide discount maintenance packages for people who would like to make changes to their web site throughout the year. Even if you don't take advantage of our discount packages, we will still provide you with the changes you may need (on a per change effort cost). (A lot of advertising agencies either won't provide you with this service or if they do, the prices are very high.) Again, we only charge a fair price for the amount of time it takes to make the changes for you.

Web Page Hosting

Several costs are involved with having your web "domain" (like for example). First you must register your domain name (so that it belongs to you or your company). This in an annual fee. (Please note that these fees are changing on a regular basis and we will do our best to find the most cost effective option for you.) We will register the site for you and then request that the bill go directly to you - in your name. That way there is no question of the "owner" of your "domain" - it is yours. The second cost is the "hosting fee" which is for the storage space your site requires along with the connection to the Internet. This cost varies based on your web site requirements plus a one time set-up fee. In many cases we can offer the same hosting price for secured "e-commerce" sites too.

Included with your web site you will receive the following:

Peace of mind knowing that your visitors will always have access your web site. There are multiple high-speed connections linking your site to the Internet, 24-hour backup electrical power (including both short-term battery and long term generators), and also daily backup of your web site to insure against computer hardware problems.

Have questions or want to place an order? Send us an e-mail: